Department of Parks and Recreation Serves More Than 13,000 Meals to Children and Adults Through Food Program

Posted on  02/19/2014 1:43 pm

The Department of Parks and Recreation's Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), which was charged by Mayor Dennis P. Williams to increase the program's impact and service locations, increased the number of meals served to residents and citizens of the City of Wilmington by 16 percent.

Under the direction of Mayor Williams, the CACFP-At Risk Meal Program operates with the mission to provide better access to food and promote healthy eating through nutrition education. Specifically, Parks and Recreation will serve either a hot meal or snack to children in the communities each day.

"Hunger can prevent kids from reaching their full potential, and we have a responsibility to ensure that none of the children in our communities go hungry. It is important for my Administration to continue to increase the impact of our food program, so as many children as possible may have access to a healthy and nutritional meal on a daily basis," said Mayor Williams.

Currently, the CACFP- At Risk Meal Program is offered at 36 different locations, and Parks and Recreation continues to increase the number of meals served. Already in 2014, Parks and Recreation serves an average of 1,280 meals a day, and through January 2014, had served a total of 13,824 meals to children and adults in the City of Wilmington.

"Every day there is a young person in our City who depends on the meals provided by our food program," said Claude McCrae, Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation. "In addition to the kids, many families and daycare providers also appreciate our food program, and recognize how it plays a vital role in feeding our children daily."

The CACFP-At Risk Meal Program has a total of 36 serving locations and three current pending locations at Bancroft, Bayard, and Stubbs Elementary Schools. The list of current serving locations is listed below.

CACFP- At Risk Meal Program Serving Locations:

  • Alice Community Childcare
  • Ark Learning Center
  • Bayard Middle School
  • Delaware College Prep Academy
  • Eastside Community School - Palmer
  • Eastside Community School - Stubbs
  • Family Foundations
  • HIlltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center
  • Kingswood Community Center
  • Kuumba Academy
  • Learning Laboratory
  • Little Leaders in Training Academy
  • Manna Academy
  • Metropolitan Urban League
  • Neighborhood House
  • NOR Enterprises
  • Our Children's Learning Center
  • West End Neighborhood House
  • P.S. duPont Middle School
  • PAL (Police Athletic League)
  • Project C.H.A.N.C.E. - Warner Elementary School
  • Salvation Army Community Center
  • Salvation Army Citadel
  • Shortlidge School
  • Thomas Edison Charter School
  • Tiny Tucks Learning Center
  • UJIMA - Mother AUMP
  • Urban Promise After School Care
  • Urban Promise - Amen
  • Urban Promise - Freedom
  • Urban Promise - Harmony
  • Urban Promise - Haven
  • Urban Promise - Hope
  • Urban Promise - Victory
  • William "Hicks" Anderson Community Center

For more information on the CACFP- At Risk Meal Program please call the Department of Parks and Recreation at (302) 576-3810.