Council Member Freel Thanks the DSWA and Other Partners, the City and Hundreds of Citizens for Another Successful Recycling Event

Posted on  03/17/2014 2:16 pm

Wilmington City Council Member Charles “Bud” Freel (D-8th District) today announced the results of the Saturday, March 1 recycling event for the collection of hazardous waste, electronic goods and paper materials held at the Wilmington Riverfront.

Based on data provided by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, which stages a recycling event twice a year in Wilmington in conjunction with the City, 960 vehicles drove through the recycling center and deposited the following:

  • 18,600 pounds of hazardous waste
  • 32,107 pounds of electronic goods
  • 11.57 tons of shredded paper

Council Member Freel, who coordinates both recycling events held each in year in Wilmington, today thanked the following individuals and organizations for their support for the event:

  • Wilmington Department of Public Works and the Wilmington Police Department
  • Council President Theo Gregory and especially Council Members Sherry Dorsey Walker and Maria Cabrera for attending the event
  • Citizen volunteers for the event including Paul Freeman, John Garden, Robyn Unthank, Joe Figliola, Chuck Wortman, Janet Grayson and John Rago
  • Partner agencies for the event including the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, United Way of Delaware, AFL-CIO Community Services Volunteers and the Riverfront Development Corporation

Council Member Freel said the next recycling event on the Riverfront for the disposal of hazardous waste, electronic goods and paper for shredding will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2014.