Wilmington Police and the Public Works Department Removed Sneakers from Several Power Lines And Donated the Sneakers to Salvation Army

Posted on  03/21/2013 12:32 pm

On March 20, 2013, Officers from the Wilmington Police Department and the Public Works Department worked together to remove sneakers from the power lines in various neighborhoods.

Corporal Paul Simonds and Corporal Andrew Conine, along with George Johnson, Sam Baise and Greg Parker of the Public Works Department went to various streets in high drug or high crime areas and took down pairs of sneakers, boots and baby shoes from the power lines.

Typically, sneakers on power lines signify the location is an area where drugs can be purchased.

They cleared the power lines on 34th & Tatnall Streets; the 2900 block of Bowers Street; Unit Block (0-99) East 25th Street; 800 block of Kirkwood Street; 800 block of Bennett Street; the intersection of 9th and Pine Street; and the intersection of 5th and Montgomery Street.

After removing the sneakers, all of the shoes were donated to the Salvation Army.