Statement from Wilmington City Council President Theo Gregory Concerning the Proposed FY 2014 Budget

Posted on  03/21/2013 7:06 pm

“On behalf of my colleagues on City Council, I extend my thanks to Mayor Williams for coming before us tonight to deliver his proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2014. 

City Council’s Finance Committee, through the leadership of its Chair, Charles “Bud” Freel, is prepared and eager to review the proposal and seek additional information from the Administration during formal budget hearings that start on April 10th.

Our goal is to be in a position over the next several weeks to develop a final budget for Fiscal Year 2014 that will be presented to City Council in late May for a vote. It will be this legislative body, in conjunction with the Mayor and with input from the public, that will be the determining factor in approving a budget plan for next fiscal year.

We are just beginning to learn the details of the budget tonight, so, it is difficult to offer an informed assessment, individually or collectively, of the plan at this time. I can assure you that Council will look very closely at the Administration’s revenue projections and its proposed expenditures which fund employee salaries and benefits as well as an entire range of government programs and services.

Council’s review will shed additional light on the Administration’s plans for public safety, housing and neighborhood development, new job development and large and small business growth, as well as education and youth initiatives. We will also focus on plans to preserve and improve our water, sewer and wastewater infrastructure and the condition of our streets.


While it’s good to start any budget process from the standpoint of not having to request Council’s approval for a property tax increase, there is much more to this budget that the public should know and will know as City Council moves forward with its review of what the Mayor has proposed.

I invite citizens to observe and participate in Council’s budget hearings by joining us here in City Council Chambers beginning April 10th on the dates and times listed below, or by watching the proceedings live and on replay over WITN, Channel 22 on the Comcast system.”

FY2014 City Council Budget Hearing Schedule