Mayor Williams and His Senior Leadership Discuss Hot Button Issues At Town Hall Meetings Throughout the City

Posted on  04/04/2013 3:13 pm

Mayor Williams and Senior Leadership Discuss Hot Button Issues at Town Hall Meetings

As Mayor Dennis P. Williams and his senior leadership hosted town hall meetings across the City of Wilmington, they discussed the possible re-opening of recidivism, Canby pool, property upkeep and combating homelessness amongst other issues.

Key quotes and remarks from the town hall meetings:

Mayor Williams shared his thoughts on crime and career criminals.

“I’m tired of it,” he said, as a blanket condemnation of crime in the city began to roll from the mayor’s mouth. “I’m tired of the pools being taken away from little children. I’m tired of people being shot. I’m tired of parks being taken away from these kids.”

“You can’t make excuses for violent behavior.”

Canby Pool:
Claude McCrea, the city’s director of parks and recreation, said he wants to put $2 million of repairs into the pool and hopes to have it open within two or three years. He also said the department is looking for ways to try and help the city's park system, even if extra funding isn't available.

"Dollars are always a concern and I think the key when you don't have dollars is to leverage your partnerships and raise funds when possible."

Property Upkeep:
Jeff Starkey, director of the license and inspection department explained that the city is working on a few new initiatives to ensure properties are up to code

“We’re doing a neighborhood concentration where you may see inspectors out walking the streets. We’re trying to focus on exterior issues, chipping paint, things of that nature. Broken glass or windows.”

Mayor Williams noted that he has met with Connections, a local community support program, and has urged them to come to the town hall meetings and meet directly with residents.

“My heart bleeds for these people who are homeless and have mental problems, we will work with them too but they cannot take the neighborhoods over,” said Williams.

Town halls have been at the Wilmington Police Athletic League, Wilmington Friends Meeting House and the Latin American Community Center, and the last meeting will be held, tonight, at the Walnut Street YMCA.