New Castle County Police and Wilmington Police Department Host Jurisdictional Swearing-in Ceremony

Posted on  05/02/2013 1:16 pm

On Friday, May 3rd, the New Castle County Police and Wilmington Police Departments will join together for the ceremonial swearing in of officers into the adjoining jurisdiction.

New Castle County Colonel, Elmer Setting, will swear in officers of the Wilmington Police Department, while Wilmington Police Chief, Christine Dunning, will swear in police officers from the New Castle County Police Department.

Newly sworn in officers of the Wilmington and New Castle County Police Department will be able to work more cooperatively and effectively when combating crime and apprehending suspects. Now, officers from both agencies can conduct investigations more efficiently, assist each other more regularly, and effectively apprehend criminals who use jurisdictional boundaries to elude apprehension.

“Crime knows no jurisdictional lines, so why should those jurisdictional boundaries restrict our law enforcement agencies?” asked Mayor Dennis P. Williams. “The swearing in of officers between these two police departments will establish better cooperation between agencies as we all work to protect our citizens and combat criminals.”

Both law enforcement agencies remain responsible for protecting and serving their respective jurisdictions, and officers will not change their normally assigned patrol areas.

Remaining officers will be sworn in by Colonel Setting and Chief Dunning during the respective agencies’ roll calls.

The swearing-in ceremony will be held in the City Council Chambers at the Louis L. Redding City/County Building at 9:00a.m.