City of Wilmington Hosts Students for "Youth in Government Day"

Posted on  05/17/2013 3:04 pm

Ellie Veith, a student of St. Anne's School, served as the Director of Communications and Cultural Affairs for the City of Wilmington as a part of the City's "Youth in Government Day."

As the Director, Ellie was able to dine with the Kalmar Delegation from Sweden, in celebration of the arrival of the King and Queen of Sweden.

Check out Ellie's experience as the Director of Communications and Cultural Affairs read her letter sharing what it truly means to be a Director.

Letter written by Ellie Veith:

"Today I am the Director of Communication and Cultural Affairs. I came in here today thinking I would just sit in an office and do nothing, but that is so not what this position is about. I ended up going to Deep Blue for lunch which was pretty awesome. On top of all that I got to eat lunch with the delegation from Sweden!

They were all so nice. I met two girls about my age Moa and Ellen. Sometimes they talked in Swedish which was pretty cool even though I didn't understand a word they said. While we talked I learned a little bit about Sweden and saw some pictures.

In the pictures it looked so beautiful. They said that sometimes they got a lot of snow. Also that in the month of August they have a Cray fish party. One thing that surprised me was that none of the schools there have uniforms. (A lot of schools in Wilmington do.)

After learning all these cool things about Sweden it made me want to go there. So that is what Cultural Affairs is all about meeting with visitors in the city from other countries to learn about them and have them learn about us."