The Wilmington Awards

Image of the Wilmington Awards trophyThe Wilmington Awards committee thanks everyone for submitting nominations for the 12th Annual Wilmington Awards.

The Wilmington Awards is designed to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of distinguished Wilmington citizens who excel in the fields of the arts, athletics, business, education, environment, and health or science.

It also recognizes individuals for their community service, heroism, contributions to the faith community, and dedication to the cause of human and civil rights.

In addition, senior citizens are recognized for their life-long accomplishments.

Please join us on Wednesday, October 1 in Council Chambers at the Louis L. Redding City/County Building, 800 North French Street as we celebrate their achievements.

Wilmington Awards Committee

Mayor Dennis P. Williams, Chair
Sheila Winfrey-Brown, Director of Finance, Co-Chair
Charlotte B. Barnes, Deputy Director of Finance
Barbara M. Belli, City Webmaster
Kenneth D. Briscoe, Director of Communications and Cultural Affairs
Alexandra M. Coppadge, Director of Media and Community Relations
Chief Anthony Goode, Department of Fire
Sophia Hanson, Director of Planning and Urban Design
Claude W. McCrea, Jr., Director of Parks and Recreation
Cheryl R. Mitchell, Office of the Mayor
Arthur Scott, Mayor's Office of Constituent Services
Dorien M. Snyder, Fire Marshal's Office
David Sophrin, Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff